Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Be there for your brother and your Lord will be there for you


So, it has been a while. Anyhow, I wanted to share a hadith on the benefits/beauty of being there for your brother/sister.

Abu Huraiha (R) reported that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said,

"He who removes from a believer one of his difficulties of this world, Allah will remove one of his troubles on the day of Resurrection; and he who finds relief for a hard-pressed person, Allah will make things easy for him on the Day of Resurrection; he who covers (the faults and sins) of a Muslim, Allah will cover up (his sins and faults) in this world and the hereafter. Allah supports his slave as long as the slave is supportive of his brother;

and he who treads the path in search of knowledge, Allah make that path easy, leading to Jannah for him. The people who assemble in one of the houses of Allah, reciting the Book of Allah, learning it and teaching, there descends upon them the tranquillity, mercy covers them, the angels flock around them, and Allah mentions him in the presence of those near hm;

and he who lags behind in doing good deeds, his noble noble lineage will not make him go ahead." (Muslim)

My take:

Three major points:
1. Help/honour your brother, and Allah will be there for you in this life and the next. iA
2. Pursue and teach knowledge of the religion, and the path to Jannah will be made easy for you.
3. Perform good deeds, because your family's nobility isn't going to take you to jannah.

May Allah help us be the best source of comfort for ones around us, make our path towards gaining beneficial knowledge easy for us, and help us be consistent in good work. Ameen!!!

Be safe and take care.

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