Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Questions to ask when drafting a project (using Mircrosoft Project as your project management tool)


Are you thinking about planning a project using Microsoft Project? I listed some notes on what information to gather in preparation to developing your Project Plan.

Determine your final deliverable and/or list of deliverables
. The gathering requirements phase will be very important to planning and ultimately executing your project/goal.

  1. What are your project’s work breakdown structures (i.e. tasks/work that need to be completed)?
  2. Have you determined summary headers (group headers of logically related tasks (WBS))
  3. What are the milestones (key events of a project such as a beginning or completion of a deliverable)
  4. Who or what will be working or are needed to complete the project (Resources)?
  5. What is our project’s availability (Calendars for the project/resource or task; need to know when the tasks, resources, projects are available)
  6. Are there any deadlines?
  7. How much time will each task take?
  8. How are tasks dependent on each other (finish to start, start to start, start to finish); Per UMT workbook, generally, all tasks and milestones must have at least one predecessor and one successor
  9. What are the fixed and variable costs of your resources? What is your project's budget?
  10. How will you categorize your task types (fixed duration, fixed units, fixed work)?
  11. Should you add contingency tasks to the plan?

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