Monday, January 7, 2013

Macro economic outlook for 2013

I was reading through some global outlook reports and wanted to share some of the reports. Here is a brief summary.

The United States government’s gridlock in the legislative houses, fears of dipping back into a recession and forecasts of 2% GDP growth lends itself to a cautiously positive economic 2013 outlook. Even with modest US GDP growth in 2012, the consistency of 34 months of job creation and stronger investor confidence led to strong 2012 stock market performance (e.g. S&P 500 gained 13.4%, Nasdaq Composite Index gained nearly 16%). In a global sense, contraction of many Eurozone member economies and less than 1% mean GDP growth for Eurozone demonstrate that developed economies are not growing strongly. Emerging countries such as Turkey are showing stronger economic growth (4%) and thus potentially are more attractive to investors. 

Global grind: The world economy’s woes are far from over, forecasts Robin Bew:

Jan Hatzius on 2013- projects later half of 2013 to have greater growth:

Russell Investments 2013 Global market outlook:|18567|economic%20outlook%202013||S|p|19218821602&gclid=CPGVrfyQz7QCFUbf4AodohUAQQ

UPSIDE AND DOWNSIDE: An Excellent Overview Of The US Economy In 2013

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