Tuesday, August 11, 2009


There are moments I feel alone,
And I feel lost, distracted, and yearning for that missing piece,
Wondering when I will find that peace of heart

Is this empty feeling coming from little sleep, from exhaustion?
Is it coming from ungratefulness, from the whispers of the unseen?

There is no doubt that there is so much to be grateful for,
Caring parents, loving siblings, thoughtful friends, precious nieces and nephews,
A job of sorts, the ability to walk and see, the comfort of knowing where I will sleep, the ability to dream

So, with these pearls in my life, why are my thoughts still drifting?
Why is knowledge not enough to overcome the feelings of emptiness?

I hope it is not a lack of faith, but a momentary lapse,
For a believes' heart is like that of fresh tender plant, from whatever direction the wind comes, it bends it,
But, when the wind becomes quiet, it becomes straight again

Maybe, how I deal with these moments will tell me what kind of person I am?
Are not everyone's tests and struggles different?

So the question becomes,
Will I meet these challenges with dignity?
Or will I succumb to the whispers and whims and despair?

I don't know, and this not knowing is scary
But, Praise be to my Lord, for letting me turn to him and place my hopes and fears in HIM

So, there are moments I transgress and feel alone,
Yearning for my companion in this life
And, then I reflect on my state,

And remember my loving family and friends
And remember my comfortable bed and warm food,

And, most importantly, realize that the affair of a believer is that he is always a winner,
For, when something good happens to him, he is grateful,
And, when adversity strikes, he is patient, and that is good for hm.

Then, there are moments where I am no longer alone,
For, I remember, my Lord is with me whenever I make mention of Him

And, so, I thank Him for his infinite blessings
And, pray that that the Most Merciful One keeps me on the straight path,
And, He allows me reflect on His majesty during moments of loneliness.

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