Friday, August 21, 2009

Ramadan Goals/Sura Kahf


Have you read sura Kahf yet?

Have you setup your Ramadan goals yet? I listened to Muhammad Alshareef's talk on how to make Ramadan unforgettable yesterday. (
Setting goals for Radaman is the recipe to take full advantage of the month's blessings. Lets dream big and accomplish great things this month, God willing!

I hope we all benefit from this month, become closer to our Lord, and increase in our charity in all aspects (from giving extra smiles to feeding the needy).

Abu Abdullah Jaabir ibn Abdullah al Ansaaree narrated that a man asked the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him), "Do you think that if I prayed the prescribed prayers, fasted Ramadan, treat the lawful as lawful, treat the prohibited as prohibited, and do nothing further, will I enter Paradise? The Prophet (peace be upon him replied), "Yes."

Narrated by Muslim

My take:

Our Lord has made following this religon easy and straightforward. Take care of your obligations in this life and you will be granted Paradise, iA.

May Allah help us take full advantage of Ramadan and accept all our fasts. Ameen!


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